Saturday, March 12, 2011

There Isn't Competition ... Period

There is one thing I come across at most events when I am networking for M Communications and that is people who are seriously worried about their competition. Here is my philosophy (and, actually a shared one by the successful) and that is: there is no competition. Even though my company offers graphics, websites, public relations and publishing many others do the same. People work with who they want to work with. It is very similar to working with a business coach - there are a ton and you work with who clicks with you. Last, worried about what the competition is doing is a complete waste of time. Understand different services and what similar companies offer, but do not sit and stress yourself out because there are two webmasters in the very same room. Last (for real this time), find out what services your competition offers ... because maybe you can partner up. I am personally collaborating with another publicist ... so again, there is no competition.

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