Friday, February 19, 2010

Keep Your Entitlement in Check

People are constantly cracking us up or at least causing eyeball aerobics (a.k.a., eye-rolling) more often than not at M Communications and 3L Publishing. We really do not understand why people decide they are entitled for whatever reason and act on it. The following situations and people receive the “keep your entitlement in check award” for the week.

You need to do pro bono PR for XYZ company because you did PR for me. Really? We really do not need to do anything we do not want to do first of all. Second, did you really just dictate who I should be doing pro bono PR for and third, do you even know that I maybe have all of my donation time allocated through September of this year. Really? It is even more amusing when this is sent via email verses a phone conversation. Here is a bit of advice … if you are feeling stupid while typing something or if your gut is saying maybe this email is a bad idea, it probably is - don’t hit the send button or recall.

You need to continue doing work for me even though I am well aware my project is eating up free hours I have not paid for every month. Um, No. Please see first example … we cannot work for free all of the time. Also, when you completely acknowledge you are receiving free work due to no fault of ours, you should really not expect that this behavior is O.K. and will continue. A contract specifically outlines what we are spending our time on and hour allotment. P.S., when you argue with us when we fire you, you look kind of silly too.

Watch out of the entitlement freaks … they are everywhere.