Friday, May 22, 2009

Did Crazy Really just try to friend me on Facebook?

After another episode of a ranting and raving email to 2L and telling the graphic designer that we are not picking out the strongest pictures. (P.S. 2L nor I are allowed to email Crazy at this point without her going completely off the reservation) So, of course our sweet graphic designer asks for photos and she sends over the wrong ones. Again. At this point we had another photographer lined up to re do our whole shoot and we were going to head off to Stinson Beach. Mostly, I am irritated because this is delaying our book. Crazy does calm down and called 2L to ask where things went wrong because she honestly did not know. She also sent me a pretty long apology email and I responded with a thank you and that we really just wanted the photos and to finish the project. Our sweetheart graphic designer made one last ditch effort to get hi res and succeded. Then crazy tried to add me on Facebook. Really!?

Here is the deal, even when you are working with a family friend, there are certain things you need to get in contract ... oh, and HAVE and contract. Oh, and don't contract with crazy ever. It is not worth the grief.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Crazy Part Deux

Crazy is definitely crazy. She did send more pictures, but I really don't think photos with our eyes closed are going to cut it. Michelle (2L) asked for our money back and that resulted at poor 2L being yelled at over the weekend by Crazy. Crazy also sent over two photos we really wanted ... low res with watermarks on them ... we might have to re shoot next week. Crazy has now officially delayed the production of our book SMASH by two weeks. We find out at the end of the day today if she is going to send over the photos without watermarks. I am guessing probably not. Watch out for the crazy people out there. M Communications will be adding the No - Crazy clause in the company bylaws. My fingers are crossed that we do not have to re shoot ... but who am I kidding.