Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dear Day Care ...

This post is for all of the parents out there who fork out a good chunk of change for day care on a weekly basis. Here is a short letter I would like to write, but probably will not because I have other things to write about that have to do with M Communications and business.

Dear Day Care:

I wholeheartedly appreciate the fabulous education you are giving my son. His vocabulary has increased quite extensively and I have been wondering for quite awhile now why his requests during meals have been a bit strange and I need to address the following.

1. Goldfish. Goldfish are crackers and are not a "meal", but a snack food. Please stop confusing the children - I am sure other parents are experiencing similar requests during dinner/all other mealtimes.

2. Marshmallows. Is this a good snack? I think not. During snack time, could you maybe switch it up and consider the possibility of fruits or vegetables? Just a thought.

3. Cupcakes and frosting. This is absolutely the worst thing to teach children to make during cooking class. Not only are you abandoning the whole "healthy" aspect again, most children insist on eating what they made a school when they get home - usually for dinner. The special thing about cupcakes is that most of it gets on the floor. The ants in my neighborhood had a field day. Please consider something else to teach.


A concerned Parent

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