Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Potential Unknown PR Recipient

As a fabulous Public Relations gal at M Communications, I know PR in and out to a point I have been interviewed regionally, nationally and even now by colleges? Go figure. Anyway, I always have to educate clients who do not understand the process and that is fine. I don’t mind explaining because what is permanently ingrained in my brain it not in anyone else’s. Perfect example: I called my parents to tell them this stellar deal I scored on a PR database and their non – response was the perfect example of “I have no idea what my daughter does for a living, except travel around the country and go to parties.” Here is the classic response I received today: I forwarded an email from a national reporter who is still reviewing one of my client’s projects (mind you this Editor-in-chief receives hundreds of queries per day). The response from my client was that he is taking his sweet time and when is his going to be done. Um, here is the deal … and mind you I have followed up with Mr. Editor-in-chief multiple times which is borderline no-no, but I have developed a pretty good relationship so lucky me. If you have a national reporter’s attention be thankful … period. Need I explain more? Chances are you are going to get coverage despite silly question. The bottom line: this person received a full article in a National Magazine

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