Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How Sassy Sells Yourself

Every time I send out the M-Dash, the marketing and public relations newsletter for M Communications -the feedback is always positive and completely entertaining. I wanted to share today on how to do a electronic newsletter the right way and create a buzz, as well as a following.

1. Don't be a salesperson. The worst thing you can do is send out a newsletter that is full of sales, specials and my favorite "for today only you can get this 5K program for 25$ ..." um, no. If you are sending out something that is sales only you are going to lose the people you have networked with, unless your audience is extremely targeted and buys your product on a consistent basis. For example, I open every White House Black Market newsletter - I am a huge fan and buy their clothing often.

2. Creative content. In general, keep your newsletter informative - give out free information about your industry. People will read your newsletter weekly for this and you will develop customers when a need comes up. Let your personality show here too. For example, I use my humor and wicked sarcasm ... marketing & public relations is not the most exciting thing in the world. (Well, who am I kidding ... for me it is.)

3. Track results. Use a service like Constant Contact that will track results. Obviously, you are going to want to track what is working for you in the sense of how much time you spend on your newsletter and business generated as a result. Constant contact will track opens per newsletter, forwards and clicks thrus to other websites you are trying to drive traffic to.

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