Friday, April 22, 2011

Why Doesn't the Easter Bunny Hand out Adult Easter Baskets?

I think it would be really cool for the Easter bunny to drop of some goodies for the adults as well as for the kids. Here is what I would like to see in mine. I would like two airline tickets to travel anywhere in the world I want to go ... first class of course. I would also like ear plugs - an unlimited supply for sleeping and blocked out unwanted noise such as Scooby Doo marathons and annoying people. I would also like an I-Tunes gift card that doesn't run out ... ever. You can never have too many I-Tunes. Last, I would really like it if you could include a lobster - a live one. I haven't had surf & turf in awhile. OK that's it. And, if you want to set up an Easter Egg hunt with eggs stuffed with $100 bills ... that is fine too.

Happy Easter!

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