Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Cheerleading Squad

You need a cheerleading squad as an entrepreneur especially if you are not a self-motivated nutcase such as I. And, even more especially if you get the real idea of having a support team behind you. Without further adieu ... meet my cheer leading squad.

Editor Extraordinaire: Editor extraordinaire is not only super-duper talented from an editorial/ghost writing perspective, she is truly an outside-the-box thinker. I hate that phrase too ... it is way overused. I love the fact I can say what I think, and she tells me should would like to take a vacation in my brain to truly understand my attention deficit disorder in the nicest way possible. I am not being sarcastic either. She very nicely says slow down, you are all over the place and in the same breath asks me what the status of my next book is. The editor extraordinaire is friend status just like the rest of my cheerleadling team. I think if I referred to her as a cheerleader she would also vomit ... a lot.

The coachess with the mostess. I have a gal pal kicking it on the beach in Hawaii right now and she is one of the most inspirational people I know. I feel warm and fuzzy inside each time I talk to her and most conversations are coupled with phenomenal business ideas, even while she is diving for lobster and barbecuing them on the beach. I seriously think that is why she needed to get off of the phone yesterday. Anyway, if you need a truly transformational coach and there are a ton out there and all have their strenghs ... I know one for you. And, I am going to send you information her next event ... and I do not even care if my flight is at 5 a.m. and that is saying ... A LOT. I will be there or be square.

Last but not least, the terrific trainer. Personal training is almost a therapy session combined with someone royally kicking your ass. I am not kidding. I normally babble through training sessions in order to not die on my carpet in my house. Talking helps. Maybe that is an Italian thing? I am not sure. Anyway, 4 dress sizes later, great business conversations and said terric trainer on her way to being super-duper famous due to upcoming new book and all over awesome national personal training (in-home) company, well friend staus too. Today we broke into an abandoned house after working out. Am I kidding? No. Scary. I need to get the scoop from my neighbor who feels it is OK to talk to me over the fence.

My point? Have a cheerleading squad to motivate you when you are down, kick you in the butt when you are being lazy and inspire you to recycle a bad investment.

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