Friday, April 15, 2011

Be Careful What You Put in Writing

Entrepreneurs beware. Always be careful what you put in writing. Email can be used to establish a contract and used for a whole bunch of other things to nail you in the rear at a later date. Also, if you are in corporate land ... most companies keep everything on their server and not just email, Internet monitoring as well. In my corporate life, I would always make friends with the ITs guys for two reasons:

1. My computer was always having problems due to too many emails (more like to much space being used up - if you are managing a 7M marketing budget that comes with a bunch of emails in the form of advertisements and graphic projects you need to approve.

2. I was able to get away with having programs my compute not corporately approved of like Yahoo IM.

Last, do not send out nasty grams ever. Although, I am not the type to forward that type of nonsense some people do. Well ... I take that back actually, I did forward an email to my manager in corporate once and let's just say a certain department head wasn't too happy with me. Happy Friday!

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