Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why Online Dating is like Bad Marketing

Every week I write a funny newsletter called the M-Dash, usually full of business, marketing and publishing tips & tricks in a very sarcastic way. One newsletter I wrote last year was called "Why Online Dating is like Bad Marketing" and I received a bunch of hilarious responses to my ranting and raving. Well, recently I met someone who would like to publish an online dating book with us and we had a long conversation about profile pictures. Online dating profile pictures are very much like your professional head shot. Also, both can be considered bad marketing. In the business world you see photos taken with web cams that resemble fish bowl shots to other obvious non-professional shots. The worst of the online dating photos are usually photos taken by the user's iPhone ... in the bathroom. Do I have to explain why both of these are bad marketing? You can sign up for the M-Dash by visiting M Communications or clicking here.

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