Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things to do During a Power Outage

There is nothing better than coming home from 2 days of traveling to a broken fence and a power outage. All I wanted to do was get online and write about my lovely couple of days. With that being said, I thought that there was no way I could ever survive pre-light bulb days, but I started thinking about things to do when there is a power outage, because there is no wireless, your phone battery is limited and there is no tivo. (Hence, not a good survival person ... can you tell? P.S. I hate camping).

1. Use your cell phone minutes accordingly. I love my iPhone despite the battery drain, but after 3 phone calls complaining to various people I decided that maybe I should start lighting candles vs. complaining. Battery suck going on big time and plus it was getting a little dark.

2. Catch up the household to-do list. Unloading dishwasher = OK. Putting away clothes under candlelight ... not such a good idea. Can you say major fire hazzard?

3. Call PG&E. They won't answer the phone, they will not tell you when the power is going to turn back on. That being said, it is the responsible thing to do ... after you are an adult and you want to know when your tivo is going to be back up and running. And, there is not point jumping up and having a tantrum because the neighbors right behind you on a different grid have all of their lights on.

Happy Power Outage!

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