Sunday, February 6, 2011

Key Elements of a Killer Superbowl Party

I know this is not marketing related, but since my Packers are playing in the Superbowl today, I wanted to share two key elements for throwing a kick ass Superbowl party.

1. Good Football Friends. There are a couple of things I mean by good friends and not all good friends are good football friends. You do not want to invite the person who is going to sit there and talk the whole time during the game. No one wants to talk to you ... they want to watch the game. Also, it is key to invite people that will take turns filling up your beverage glass. This is important, because you will not miss the game or commercials.

2. Even better food. I firmly believe that calories do not count on Superbowl Sunday (although, that is not going to stop me from massively working out ahead of time). Preferably food are any dishes that you can make ahead of time (twice baked potatoes, cheese queso dip, etc.)and even more importantly delegate BBQ duties prior to the game. I did this weeks in advance.

Go Packers!!!!

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