Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bad Social Media Business Behavior

I have to see I see bad behavior almost daily on Facebook and a bunch of bad behavior while out networking out and about for M Communications. The typical personal bad behavior usually are the people who post the girls gone wild photos from girls night out and the ultimate personal medical posting ... I have to have a colonoscopy. Well, the bad business behavior I have seen recently (as of this morning) is beyond ridiculous. Apparently, there are people out there who are friending people on Facebook and then adding their email addresses to mass mailing lists. Where do I get started on this one? I find this particularly annoying because recently I have been added to a bunch of different lists. In fact, I could have a personal assistant unsubscribe me from spam emails all day long. If you are engaged in this type of bad social media behavior please desist immediately. You will not get new business. You will annoy the person you friended. You will not pass go, you will not collect $200. Do you get my point?

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