Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Top 10 of 2010

Every year I get to write my favorite M-Dash of the year - the top 10 marketing disasters of 2010. Below are two of my favorite from 2010:

Watch the wine consumption. Now, at a recent networking event we watched a gal literally open every bottle of wine and proceed to drink almost all of them before the event even started. No, she was not the host. A drink or two is OK, but definitely not a case of vino. To make things even worse, after the wine consumption this gal had the audacity to tell one of our lovely colleagues that if she wore boob shirts she would get more business. Highly inappropriate and do you think they will ever do business together? Doubtful.

Your Book Sucks. I had someone recently schedule a conference call with me under the guise of a publishing prospect to tell me how much our book Vanity Circus sucked. She also proceeded to tell me that our sales process needed to be refined and that she didn’t know if she could work with us. I was absolutely dumbfounded someone would waste someone’s time like that. Really. Do you think we will ever work with this special person? No freaking way. Bye-bye crazy.

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