Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Non-Favorite Holiday Things

There is always something each year that gives me a good eye roll and here are my top non-favorite things about the holidays.

1. Snack time at Costco/Sams. Yes, the sample people are out at my favorite mass quantity store locations and all have have to say is ... Valium anyone? Yes, the senior citizens are out in the masses and leaving their carts in mid-aisle while they graze on free snacks. I like to be in and out of stores. Please add the holiday samples plus the holiday traffic at stores to equal one big cup of Valium soup.

2. See's Candy. OK. I have a love hate relationship with this stuff. I love See's Candy, but I eat it. I am personally mad at everyone at my holiday party that decided to not eat it. Shame on all of you.

3. Stupid Holiday Party Alert. Now, the numero uno annoying thing about the holidays are the business owners that throw "holiday parties" that are really events to sell their product. Save it for the new year people and can I say ... tacky?

Happy Holidays!

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