Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why state the obvious?

I love it when people tell you something so darn obvious that you want to roll your eyes and give them a profound response such as "Really?". Chances are that if it is that obvious and you are speaking with someone who is clueless, they probably already have a pretty good idea and know. My favorites are:

1. You look tired. This is usually told to someone who has been up with a family member overnight in the hospital for two days. I am sure they did not notice the dark bags under their eyes when they got up in the morning.

2. I think you gained some weight. The person you just told this too probably steps on the scale every morning and also knows. P.S. Don't tell people this. I personally have a relative who is obsessed with weight gain and weight loss. She will tell you who has gained weight and who has lost weight. I keep telling her that it is not very nice, but she is elderly and I am thinking when you get to a certain age you can say what you think at all times. Oh, but I do that now.

My point? Don't state the super obvious.

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