Thursday, May 12, 2011

Perception is Everything

Perception always fascinates me. Last night I asked a friend to bring me a stack of business cards. She brought two. Maybe she forgot I asked for a stack, but two is not a stack. (From a marketing standpoint, the cards looked great so I will not be shredding her marketing material this morning.)The same situation normally occurs when I go through a Taco Bell drive thru and ask for extra hot sauce. The Taco Bell employee will give me three, so I have one and a half for each soft taco. To me, three does not mean extra - more like 6 - 8 so I can add to my stash at home. What can I say, I have a thing for hot sauce. My real point? When you figure out what your clients and potential clients perceive you will be able to put together great proposals and deliver great service. For example, some clients who are not so tech savvy think a blog is a website, confuse media relations with written releases and so on. I recommend always over explaining and always asking the "right" questions so both parties have the same expectations.

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