Friday, June 5, 2009

Don't Be a BAD Poster child

Bad Customer Service is Bad Behavior. This is also the same thing as being a Bad Poster child as far as I am concerned. Today's winner examples are as follows. I have had a reoccurring back problem since I was in my early 20's. Crazy water skiing accident where my Dad literally had to fish me out of the lake. Every couple of years by back goes out (I have been going to the same doctor's office for years now) and every time I get a new answer ... surgery, more pills, deal with it, surgery, arthritis blah blah blah. The latest and greatest was physical therapy. Ok- that sounds pretty good to me so I go back to said doctors office and doctor tells me that I am too tense and will live. Did she even read my file? No. Then she offers more vicodin. LAME. The moral of the story is treat your customers well ... they will come back. Listen to them. Get to know them. Understand what they are really about ... it will go miles for you and your business. This doctor is my example of Vicodin Poster child - will hand out pills ... will not do a little homework. Now meet public service notice poster child. Driving home I see someone who actually took the time to make his own personal license plate which says,"Hang Up and Drive." Wow. Really into the new law that has been around for a year. I am guessing this poster child actually causes accidents or at least people wanting to hit him. If you are going do have a marketing message on your car ... make it memorable but make it worthwhile too. Don't be a public service message poster child ... especially if it is for something lame. Have a good marketing story ... share with me. or visit our website.

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