Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stupid Behavior Resulting in Newsletter Material

If you have subscribed to the M-Dash at M Communications or First Word at 3L Publishing you understand that we provide marketing and writing tips & tricks in a very humorous way. And, if you do not like sarcasm - you probably should not subscribe either. Here are some sure fire behaviors that will make you the star of a future issue.

1. Obnoxiously pushing health products.If you are walking around slapping skin care cream on fellow colleagues faces or forcing them to drink diet drinks without their permission you are being obnoxious and therefore are fair game for newsletter material.

2.Inappropriate Dancing.Now, if you are at a networking function and are freaking people on the dance floor or doing any other inappropriate dance moves not only will you end up in the newsletter you may also end up on You Tube. Go get your groove on elsewhere.

3. Giving your unsolicited and rude advice.We have been to more networking functions where people have offered up their opinion and have been more than flat out rude. Seriously - get an edit button. If you are rude you are not only going to end up in the newsletter, you are also NOT going to get new business from potential clients you have insulted.

Consider yourselves warned!

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