Thursday, July 16, 2009

To My Mommy Peeps ... Mom's Keeping it Real just as GOOD ads should be

Hello - I just had the most fabulous time tonight with good girl time with my mom's group girls night out ... (soon to turn into wine day and spa night.) I feel really lucky in amidst all of the craziness I wound up being party of the most fantastic mom's crew where I can ask questions as a working mom ... and am not treated differently because I do work and am not chastised for it ... after all little D man is why I quit O-Corporate-o. For you moms out there ... here are a couple of signs you joined the right crew:

What job? Everyone needs a break now and a clear cut break. I really did not think about work or company(s) at one time tonight and thought about my most important job ... being "mommy." The cool part of joining the right posse' is that you have a forum to talk too and have completely unbiased answers and honest advice. hmm ... maybe the government and certain advertising should pick up this ... instead of the long disclaimer at the end of the ad ... "may cause heart failure, kidney damage, your breast might fall off, etc. etc. " You have heard those commercials ... probably during dinner too. Your forum appreciates the break too and you have FUN together.

Unsolicited Advice Crew.
Ask and you shall receive. Good signs of good crews are opinions based on real facts like day care a. offers snack time and no outdoor hiking and b. offers Spanish and computers. Ask and receive vs. stay-at-home barbie with mansion and nanny really not knowing what is going on in the real world. Oh, and the best is when you can say ... I have been having a "crappy" time potty training and need help. The worst is when you have mommy that has positioned herself as the "expert" it does not matter what ... diapers ... toys... whatever. If I see one more "expert" (a.k.a. laid off soap star giving me some infomercial b.s. on what I need to be doing with bathtub toys ) I am going to say bye-bye to T.V. You joined a good mommy club when you know they avoid the infomercial b.s. and actually have some worthwhile tips to share.

OK my Mommy-Peeps ... this one is for you! Looking forward to fun ahead .. and A. will bring calculator next time ... not my strong point.


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