Friday, October 30, 2009

Hiring the Right Photographer

To Hire or Not to hire ... that is the Question. Chances are when you hire someone new you really do not know how they are going to work in person, despite their excellent photo record on the web. Well, Michelle Gamble-Risley and I (Michele Smith - the # 1 Michele - Just Kidding ... "1" by one "l" only) not only stumbled on a great photographer through eWomen but an exceptional one. Meet Gail at Quintessance Photographic Art.

Professionalism Period. You should expect everything ready to go when you get there. Conversely, you need to be ready to go. Do not waste other people's time and show up with wet hair and zero makeup - I stole this tidbit from our makeup artist. Also, if you work a talented photographer they are going to have opinions for the shot, but not lead you on the "my way or the high-way" routine (ala crazy photographer we have previously worked with). Trust your photographer - he or she will know lighting, etc. and you need to chill and rely on their expertise. The results will speak for themselves.

Raw Footage. Never expect to see raw footage and if your photographer is a doll and decides to show you anyway ... please note you are looking at raw footage with zero touch ups. If these photos look good you know you are going to look VERY good in the end result. Most photographers go through the junk ... like my niece sticking her tongue out in a majority of my wedding photos, and show you the good stuff later.

Set expectations up front. I always suggest contract, contract, contract but the main thing is that you set expectations up front. You do not want to have something not in writing and then almost get your Face Book account shut down because you are posting head shots that you purchased (true story). Ask about rights, usage etc. and if you photographer is willing to sign a photo release - most national magazines will ask for them.

Have a wonderful weekend from the marketing and publishing team at M Communications and 3 L Publishing!